“An unexamined life is not worth living.” ~Socrates

Lori rekindled her love of writing after retiring from a career unrelated to writing and taking a memoir class. Since then, she’s attended writing conferences, workshops, and retreats to polish her craft. If Lori isn’t typing feverishly on her memoir or watching her grandkids, the odds are pretty good she’s reading or at the beach – preferably both.

Lori wrote her first diary entry when she was nine years old. She continued to track her life over the years, keeping meticulous records of many things that happened to her.

Years later, when she began to write her memoir, Lori revisited these early snapshots of family life to remember important moments and craft her story.

Lori found that most of her childhood entries described a typical day with an average family – but some entries detailed events so shocking, that she thought she was reading someone else’s diary. Suppressed or forgotten, her memories captured in her own words revealed a family and events that weren’t just atypical; they were bizarre.

Lori grew up with two older siblings with a chronic disease, one of whom lost their sight; an unstable mother prone to emotional abuse; and a kind-hearted but overwhelmed father. Considered the “healthy child,” often overlooked and unsupervised, Lori felt invisible in her own family. She explores this unique and often challenging family dynamics in her stories and in-progress memoir.

Lori’s work has appeared in literary magazines, online journals, and mixed-media platforms.